What we do

Uprise is a developer of truly affordable homes for Londoners, utilising a commercial development model to fund homes for social use.

Our engagement with finance industry partners is bringing in investment focused on building social capital and resilient financial models. UPRISE uses blended funding – property development funds, senior debt (high street lenders) and grants (central and local government) to bringing back long-term empty properties. Focus is on achieving success across the triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental) for measurable, defined impact.


We build affordable homes for Londoners and plough our profits into housing,  employment and upskilling programs for women and children who have suffered violence and trauma. One of our stated aims is to increase women’s skills development and employment within the construction industry and provide access to social housing, ring-fenced for the reintegration of eligible women.

We are a partnership of an established charity, Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action (CIVA) and a regulated social enterprise, working together to build sustainable solutions for housing.

We launched Uprise and  BFF in parliament with the support of Oliver Colevile MP and Stephen Timms MP on 21 July 2014.


Our programme is built on the key “domains” of ABCD

Health and Wellbeing: This is mainly determined by the extent to which we are positively connected to each other, our environment and local economic opportunities.

Safety and Security: only exists in a connected community.

Nurturing the Local Economy: Most enterprises start small and local, in garden sheds, attics and at the kitchen table and in return they become the heart blood of local economies and one of the most reliable sources of employment for many communities.

Raising Powerful Connected Children: Children need to believe in their families and community: their power grows the closer they are to the centre of family and community life.

Building Communities: Communities grow from inside out, evolving from the place where ‘I’ live, to the community where ‘we’ grow. They can only grow through the deepening of human relationships.

Lifelong Learning and Sharing Wisdom: these are hatched in the nest of everyday life and more particularly in the relationships of life, not in educational, commercial or professional institutions.


For more on ABCD see Cormac Russell’s  Nurture Development.

Building Skills, Building Confidence. Building Futures