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Uprise London is a CiC with an asset lock  which operates for social good and community building.


We have access to a network of women’s groups, faith and action groups and social enterprise and membership umbrella organisations working with the most disadvantaged women in our society. Instead of top heavy, commissioned interventions we can create asset maps based on where there are gaps and identify what is needed so your community  can best deliver resources for maximum outcomes and community gain. More specifically we can provide you with the following:-

 Customised community engagement programme for future ‘in spec’ development projects

 Delivery support for CSR objectives relating to integrated Workforce, Localisation and  Economy targets

 Expansion and consolidation of ex-offender rehabilitation programme within your company’s Employment Strategy

 Support in addressing CIL /  S106 obligations

 Strategic project scoping and delivery service in response to S106 obligations, ensuring substantial investment in communities and realisation of the Sustainable Business vision,


 Variety of construction and property  industry placements, including labourers, administrative and commercial roles, for BFF programme candidates

 £30 000 For three years to fund an employment broker post and ensure we are interfacing at all levels with employers, stakeholders and women who need employment. We will commit to match funding any amount your company will consider as a grant through fund raising through our community and networks

 Short-term or long term office space.

 Cleaning contracts, flower arrangement contracts, for our eco- friendly facilities management  service.

 Delivery / Provider partner status for Employment Strategy

 Partnership contracts for S106 delivery on specified development projects

 Residential  / development sites  for social reintegration

 Your excess building supplies


 Supported placements underpinned by accountability measures and a development plan

 Reciprocal CSR Workstreams, incorporating staff development opportunities, operational enhancement and tasteful publicity

 Visionary strategy, positive outcomes, ideation on new markets, such as development on new community initiatives with jobs for local people, contribution to the local economy, better living standards, a tangible contribution to the local economic growth, enhanced equality and diversity through our bespoke Women on Boards training, reduction in crime and more cohesive communities.


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The report on Women in Leadership was given by Professors Sabine Girod, center, and Andrea Goldsmith, left, and Maureen McNichols.
The report on Women in Leadership was given by Professors Sabine Girod, center, and Andrea Goldsmith, left, and Maureen McNichols.


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