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Social Value Bootcamp

How can SEUK Members unlock funding and contracts by demonstrating their true Social Value?

What is social value and how can you tender contracts to achieve best results?

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Fielding procurement curveballs

Uprise London’s one day ‘bootcamp’ highlights best practice in service commissioning, delivery and measurement and shows how to win a slice of the £187bn Government procurement pie.

Book your place to access expert insight into The Public Services (Social Value) Act, which requires public bodies to consider how the services they commission could have economic, social and environmental benefits in their local area. When tendering for contracts with public bodies, private companies, social enterprises and charities who can evidence these benefits gain a competitive advantage. 

What is social value?

The social return on investment is the human, community and environmental benefits of every pound spent. For example, investment in good childcare leads to decreased delinquency and a reduced chance that children will become involved in gang culture or crime. A project that provides employment for the long term unemployed could reduce the welfare bill, reduce crime and boost the economy. These benefits can be measured using social value matrices and benchmarked using government statistics and accounting principles.


Market Leaders

FTSE listed companies are required to report on Corporate Social Responsibility and increasingly on community benefit outcomes in their public services contracts. Investors in listed companies are demanding more than a financial return on their investment and companies have to deliver more social impact.

The conference will show:

  • how partnerships can incorporate the best of the commercial, social and charitable sectors to deliver outstanding outcomes
  • case studies delivered by market leaders from criminal justice (Nacro), the built environment (Balfour Beatty), transport (HCT) and infrastructure (K-10).
  • Social funders Big Issue Invest and City Investment Firm King & Shaxson bring the investor’s perspective.

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  • to demystify key provisions of the Act
  • expert guidance for firms on what to measure, how to report and benchmark outcomes
  • using Integrated Reporting
  • hear from a panel of new and traditional media specialists how to engage stakeholders with effective story-telling
  • valuable networking opportunities
  • post-conference publications

Panelists from WeConnect Europe, Aleron, All Street, FT, Numbers for Good and IntelligentHQ will share their knowledge.